Educational Planning Day

Group advising and program exploration activities for 10月ober 24.


你在正轨上吗?? Check in and Explore 项目 

No classes are held before 3 p.m. on Educational Planning Day, held once per quarter. 这是你的机会: 

  • Check in with your advisor to make sure your program completion, graduation, transfer and career goals are on track. ** PLEASE NOTE: Some departments, such as Running Start, will not be able to individually advise every student on Educational Planning Day. Feel free to make an appointment for a date before or after Educational Planning Day.** 
  • Patricipate in group advising activities 
  • Explore programs that interest you 

10月. 24 Educational Planning Day Activities 


时间:上午9点至11点半.m. & 2 - 4:30 p.m. 

Location: Building 7 and on Zoom. 



时间:上午11点.m. ——中午 

Location: Building 19 Room 21 人类学实验室 

Dr. Jenkins will be in the Anth lab (19-21) hosting a small group discussion about anthropology advising, coursework, our specialization AA, jobs, transfer programs, or any other Anthropology related questions you might have. 停止了! 带上你的朋友! Say hi to our new Neanderthal skeleton (just in time for Halloween!) 


Art Department 会话信息 & 工作室示威 

时间:上午9点.m. ——中午 


Learn more about TCC's incredible art classes and watch demonstrations! 




Location: Building 11 Student Center 

Find the perfect OSE club for you! Find a list of of active clubs & 会议时间 在这里

计算机科学 会话信息 


Location: Building 15 Room 106

    • 信息 for 计算机科学 Students.  Up-to-date information about TCC offerings and university engineering 项目要求.   
    • Guest Speaker - Antonia Novak from Microsoft.   
    • Individual advising opportunities.

Please note that advising for Computer Engineering is combined with Electrical Engineering and is part of the Engineering Educational Planning Day 会话.


Engineering 会话信息 

时间:上午9点.m. - 12 p.m.  

Location: Building 16 Room 106 

If you're in an Engineering program, or interested in going into an Engineering program, this is a great place for you to learn more about your major, hear from guest speakers and learn about how TCC's programs connect with programs offered at nearby universities.  

  • 信息 for Mechanical, Civil, Environmental, Aero/Astro, Industrial, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Bioengineering, Chemical, Manufacturing and Materials Science 工程专业的学生.  Up-to-date information about TCC offerings and university engineering 项目要求.  
  • Updates for Engineering Club and MESA 
  • Guest Speaker - Cameron Carlson from Parametrix in Seattle, WA. 

  • Breakout 会话s based on engineering disciplines. 
  • Individual advising opportunities for those who have previously attended a breakout 会话. 


Environmental Science and Environmental Sustainability 建议


Location: Building 15 Room 201 

Currently studying environmental science or environmental sustainability, or thinking about going into the field? Please join us for a group advising 会话! 

Healthcare Pathway 建议 

时间:1 - 4点.m. 
Location: Building 7 图书馆 Room 5
T在这里 are so many entry points into health care -- which one would be best for you? Learn about TCC's Healthcare programs and pathways at the Healthcare Pathway 建议 会话. 

信息 Systems Power Up Event 

时间:上午10点.m. - 2 p.m. 
Location: Building 16, Room 319 
P.C. 问题? Bring your computer or device to the 信息 Systems Power Up event! Free and open to all TCC students and employees. 注册在这里

Workforce Education Funding 会话信息 

时间:上午9点.m. ——中午
Location: Building 19 Room 70 
Online 会话: 9  - 11 a.m. & 1 - 3 p.m. 变焦链接 在这里.  
Find out about Workforce Funding and get connected to services! 


Writing Studies and Una低地 会话信息

时间:上午11点.m. - 1 p.m.
Location: Building 11 Student Center Cafeteria
Writing Studies offers many opportunities for careers and transfer to four-year colleges 或大学. 停止了 to learn more about these opportunities and the student publication Una低地.